What's the Difference Between $1 Sports Cards' Instagram Account and this Website?

    It's still us! We've loved building a community on Instagram and wanted to provide a more seamless (alternative, not replacement) channel for our customers to purchase sports and other trading cards.

    For singles, we'll do our best to post unique options on each channel. Don't be surprised though if you see some options posted here first -- keep an eye out!

    For slabs, sealed, signed, swatches, sets and supplies products, instead of DMing us to order, you can purchase directly from our website.

    What are your hours?

    We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for shopping. 

    What scale do you use for card condition?

    We use eBay's card condition guidelines when including the condition of a raw card. Please note, this does not include the centering.

    What do you mean when you reference "book value?"

    When we mention the value of cards received as "book value," we are citing the current mint-condition market value placed by Beckett's price guide.

    Can I get more photos of a card?

    We take high-res photos of the front of every card we post on the website. Unless there are multiples, the card in the photo is the one you'll receive. If you would like a photo of the back of a specific card, please contact us with a link to the listing and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.

    The name of the card and the photo don't match - what's up with that?

    We do our best to label everything correctly, but in cases where we make a mistake, trust the photo. This is especially true if it's a variation. However, if the player on the card is different than what's labeled, it's likely the label that's correct. Please contact us with any questions.

    What is PWE?

    Plain white envelope. We’re able to ship 1-2 cards ($1 U.S.) and feel comfortable the cards will arrive in the same condition we shipped them. PWEs are not trackable and we’re not responsible for any that get damaged or lost if you choose this shipping method.

    Cards over $20 will not be available to ship via PWE.

    What About Bubble Mailers?

    For 4+ cards, we ship in a bubble mailer with tracking + other protections outlined below. This is our preferred shipping method.

    How Do You Protect Cards?

    All cards will arrive in penny sleeves. PWEs will include multiple cards in a top loader. Other packaging methods depend on how many cards but will also include top loaders and team bags + potentially boxes and/or bubble wrap. Any card that is over $1 will be shipped in a top loader regardless.

    We take pride in this part of the business and have yet to have a complaint.

    Non-PWE-shipped cards typically have up to $100 of insurance coverage, as well.

    What about Shipping Internationally?

    Rates depend on location. For example, shipping PWEs to Canada or the United Kingdom can be done for $2. Bulk shipping methods (i.e. 3+ cards) are variable pricing.

    Can You Ship Three Cards in a PWE in the U.S.?

    This is not currently available as an option on our website.

    What is the "Make an Offer" button I see on some listings?

    We've included the option to name your price on over 1,000 cards across the website. While we do our best to price competitively, service and customer satisfaction is our primary focus. If you believe the price is too high, let us know and we'll see if we can work out a deal.

    How Do I Price Match Something?

    We will do our best to beat eBay and other retail comps of the exact same sealed products. Please email us with the name of the item, quantity and a link to the advertised price. Please keep in mind that there may be times we aren’t able to do so but appreciate you giving us a shot!

    Do You Have a Loyalty Program?

    We do! In April 2023, we launched our program, which gives you 5 points for every $1 spent. After 500 points, you can redeem for $5 off your next order. There's no limit to how many points you can earn. We also offer additional reward points on your birthday and if you follow us on Instagram.

    In order to participate in the $1 Sports Card loyalty program, you'll need to sign up for an account. Purchases made using the same email address after April 2023 as a guest will also accumulate points if you create an account with that same email address.

    How About a Referral Program

    Yup, that too! Earn $5 for every friend who purchases using your custom referral link. They'll get $5, as well, to use on any order of at least $10.

    Please note that we do reserve the right to cancel any referral orders that we believe may have been made placed by gaming the system. We'll do our best to accommodate all orders -- previous purchasers are less likely to have their referral rewards impacted.

    Can I Return Something?

    All sales are final on sports and trading card singles, slabs and sealed products. Please check out our return policy for supplies.

    Why should I purchase something from One Dollar Sports Cards instead of Comc, eBay, BSC, or any other marketplace?

    Truthfully, it comes down to price (our average order will always be less), fast shipping (sometimes same day), and quality packaging (always protecting your cards in transit). We're also the same trusted seller of everything listed on our website. 

    Can I Have This Card You Posted for $0.25?

    Child, please.