$1 Sports Cards was founded on Instagram in 2020. The original concept - which has since been replicated - was to create a digital dollar store for sports cards. More than 50,000 cards sold later, $1 Sports Card is one of the most popular sports card store accounts on Instagram. In 2021 we expanded our sports card shop…online. From sealed wax to slabs and supplies - on top of $1 singles, of course - our website is your home for everything a collector could need in the sports and gaming trading card industry.

    • Wes

      "This is about the third time I've ordered from you guys and the cards are always as advertised... you guys rock!"

    • Jayson

      "Thank you for the cards! I'm definitely going to keep buying more cards from you. Your shop is the best."

    • Mark

      "I wanted to say thank you because the quality was a lot better than I was expecting for only $1. You gained a regular customer!"

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    • Singles

      We carry singles across all major sports leagues, including the NBA, MLB, NFL and more. The best part? Most cards are $1 or less. Browse

    • Slabs

      Slabs aren’t our specialty. But that doesn’t mean we don’t carry any. See what graded cards we have in stock today. Browse

    • Sealed

      We love wax. Collecting it and selling it brings us joy. Why? Because of the potential to open up a pack to reveal something spectacular. Browse

    • Supplies

      Keeping your cards protected is so important. We carry a variety of supplies to suit your card collecting needs. Browse

    • Signed

      Autographed cards are special to collectors because of their connection to that athlete - and they’re pretty awesome. Browse

    • Swatches

      Who doesn't love a cool relic card that features a piece of a player's uniform or equipment? We have a wide variety across all sports. Browse